Norwich Recording Studio

The Studio Equipment

In the studio, we use a wide range of high-quality professional recording equipment, instruments and software from the likes of Focusrite, KRK, Audio Technica, Shure, Softube, Kemper, Splawn, Marshall, and offer unlimited multitrack recording via Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

Due to technology advancing at a rapid rate, this list is always changing, as we're constantly checking out new pieces of hardware and software to see if it can add any additional shine and extra sparkle to our production.

We also have a wide network of fellow musicians and equipment stockists should you require anything slightly more special for your session.

How To Book A Session

As the song goes, it’s easy as…

1: Initial Enquiry
Call, email or fill in the form on the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

2: What You Need
We’ll discuss the specific needs of your project, work out a price, and book the dates.

3: The Session
Turn up, record, let's make magic.

Recording Studio Norfolk

Monitoring & Hardware

  • KRK VXT8 Monitors
  • Shure SRH940 Headphones
  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
  • Softube Console One
  • Softube Console Fader
  • Fryette Power Station PS2

Voiceover Norwich


  • Audio Technica AT4050
  • Audio Technica ATM450
  • Audio Technica ATM250DE
  • Shure SM7B
  • Shure SM57
  • Sennheiser MD421-II
Recording Studio In Norwich

Guitar Amps & Cabs

  • Kemper Profiler
  • Splawn Quick Rod (2006
  • Splawn Quick Rod (2012)
  • Splawn Nitro
  • Victory Kraken Preamp
  • Neural DSP Archtype Rabea
  • Splawn 2x12 (Splawn Small Block Speakers)
  • Splawn 2x12 (Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers)
  • Marshall 4x12 (Celestion G12T75 Speakers)
Recording Studio In Norfolk


  • PRS Custom 24 30th Anniversary (2015)
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom (1979)
  • Fender Telecaster 62’ Reissue (1988)
  • Fender Telecaster 62’ Reissue (2006)
  • Charvel San Dimas (2010)
  • Fender Precision Bass
  • M-Audio Oxygen 61 Midi Keyboard
  • Hammond Organ (1979)


  • Logic Pro X
  • Pro Tools
  • Universal Audio UAD Spark 
  • Softube SSL SL 4000 E
  • Softube British Class A
  • Softube American Class A
  • Softube Grand Summit
  • Softube Weiss Gambit
  • Softube FET Compressor
  • Softube Saturation

  • Softube Weiss DS1-MK3
  • Softube Weiss Compressor/Limiter
  • Softube Weiss Deess
  • Softube Weiss MM-1 Maximiser
  • Softube Harmonics
  • Softube Tape
  • Softube Dirty Tape
  • Softube Celestion Speaker Shaper
  • Softube Drawmer S73
  • Soundtoys Decapitator

  • Oeksound Soothe 2
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • Antares Autotune Unlimited
  • Waves Version 10
  • iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced
  • Get Good Drums Modern & Massive
  • Get Good Drums One Kit Wonder AR
  • Get Good Drums Zilla Cabs
  • Get Good Drums Cali Oversized
  • Celestion Impulse Responses

Norwich Recording Studio

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Whether you’re looking to record from scratch; have an existing project that needs to be mixed or mastered; are seeking the perfect choice for podcasts, voiceovers & audiobooks; or simply need help with a song you’re writing, we’ve got you covered.

If you need your vocal tracks tuned, or drums replaced with samples - We can do that too. Contact us today, and take the next step in your recording adventure.

Call, Text or WhatsApp us on 01603 555571, fill in our contact form, alternatively you can get in touch via social media.

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We recorded here for a YouTube cover - Justin mixed and mastered our track and we were really happy with how the song came out! These guys know what they’re doing so if you want a professional sounding recording this is the place in Norwich to go!

by Rachael Holland recording for Crossing The Limits

Really professional experience - Recorded a track with my sister to be played at her wedding for when she walked down the aisle. Justin, the owner/engineer put real effort into getting a high quality sound to make sure the track sounded great for the big day.

by Byron McGill recording for his Sister's wedding

We recorded some great sounding tracks here - They sounded like they cost about 10 times more than we paid! The gear is top notch and the staff are super helpful and friendly. They know their gear inside out, they know about music and will get whatever references you throw at them. They really can get your tracks sounding the best they can!

by Dylan Powles recording for Southpaw

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