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Where It All Began

As far back as I can recall, I’ve always loved music. Growing up, I remember my first tape recorder, and wearing all the cassettes out through constant playing and rewinding, listening to my favourite songs over and over.

I started playing an instrument before I was old enough to remember, joined the school orchestra in middle school, and then - when I turned 12 - started to learn guitar, immediately becoming obsessed with wanting to know more and more about this incredible instrument.

At 17, my band booked a recording studio to cut some songs, and it turned out to be the coolest thing ever....Continue Reading

How To Book A Session

As the song goes, it’s easy as…

1: Initial Enquiry
Call, email or fill in the form on the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

2: What You Need
We’ll discuss the specific needs of your project, work out a price, and book the dates.

3: The Session
Turn up, crank it up, make magic.

Recording Studio Norwich


Fascinated by the sliders and dials, and captivated by the ability to capture the instruments onto tape for us to bring home, I got involved with the process as much as I could. Our first demo - I was hooked! 

By 19, I was diving into the workings of my own hard-disc recorder, writing my own songs, recording more demos, and using soundbites from my favourite films that I’d sample by hooking up an old-school VCR (it was a thing).

But I was frustrated - my home recordings never sounded as good as I knew they could, so any time I needed something recorded properly, back to the recording studio I’d go.

Learning My Craft

I’d watch the engineers, trying to soak up their knowledge, desperate to understand the mixing process. After all, these were my songs and I knew how I wanted them to sound - I just didn’t know how to get that sound.

At 26, I shifted to recording on a laptop, and this was a game-changer. Virtual instruments, unlimited tracking, quick and easy editing...this is when the true obsession started. 

For the next few years, I read every article, watched every video, and read every book about the art of recording; I wanted to know everything. And I began asking myself: can I do this as well as the recording studios? Could I do it even better? 

Could I really record a radio-quality song myself, with my own equipment and knowledge? And so began my mission…

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The Beginning Of NRSIX

Founded in 2012

NRSIX Studios Norwich Recording Studio

In 2012, I converted my garage into a studio, cherry-picked the equipment I’d need, and invested a substantial sum of money into what had always been a dream. That dream was now a reality, and NRSIX was born.

Ten years on, what was intended just as a personal recording space has steadily evolved into a creative hub that’s seen me work with countless musicians and artists - and I love every minute of it. 

I’m incredibly lucky to have found my thing; spending every day doing what I love the most makes me unbelievably grateful.

And the chance to now help other musicians find their thing, to encourage them to think big and make their dream a reality - that’s priceless.

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An Obsession To This Day

My passion, focus and obsession remain to this day. Recording is just as fun now as it was when I was a kid – which is why I always do my very best to make everything just as enjoyable as possible for every single one of my clients.

The process and experience of being in the studio fascinates me now, as much as it always has done since the beginning. 

The only thing that has really changed along the way is that this is now my full time profession. And that, for me, is very, very cool.

Recording Studio Norfolk

Get In Touch

Whether you’re looking to record from scratch; have an existing project that needs to be mixed or mastered; are seeking the perfect choice for podcasts, voiceovers & audiobooks; or simply need help with a song you’re writing, we’ve got you covered.

If you need your vocal tracks tuned, or drums replaced with samples - We can do that too. Contact us today, and take the next step in your recording adventure.

Call, Text or WhatsApp us on 01603 555571, fill in our contact form, alternatively you can get in touch via social media.

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Had a brilliant experience recording at NRSIX. Justin is incredibly skilled at what he does and offers a truly excellent service. I wholeheartedly recommend NRSIX!

by Dan Starling recording for Dredger

Lovely studio run by some lovely people. Justin is a master of mics and masters, and he knows what he’s doing. Very professional quality of music and would definitely recommended to any and all.

by Jow Eilson recording for Bag of Cans

Just finished recording the title track of my EP here! The quality of the mix and master is unrivalled! Justin, the guy who runs it is such a brilliant engineer and a great guy!

by BAKER recording ‘My World’

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